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What is A User Interface

What Is A User Interface And How To Design One

What is a User Interface? User Interface Definition User Interface (UI) design involves creating and improving a website or applications graphical user interface.  A good user interface design allows users to access your content quickly and without ambiguity. UI is an essential component of all web application development. It serves

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What is Web Development?

What is Web Development? Web Development usually refers to the activities related to the development of website functionalities. Although every website is developed differently, there are three fundamental components to every web-based application in today’s day and age. These include the Frontend – the user interface of the site that

Relational vs Non Relational Databases

Choosing the Right Database for Your Web Development Project

Most web development projects require a database. Generally, the database is the critical part of the project’s persistence layer and the place in the system architecture where data is stored for later access. In today’s development landscape, you generally have two options relational and non-relational databases. There is no black

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About Web Dev Club

Web Dev Club is committed to providing resources and content to the web development community. We believe that the internet is a place where anyone should educate themselves on the basics of anything.

We aim to provide regular content from insight pieces to blogs, tutorials and more. Of course, these will cover all the basics of web development from databases to networking, servers to dev ops and everything in-between.

It doesn’t matter if you are a frontend, full-stack or backend developer, student, fully qualified software engineer or never even touched a code editor in your life. Web Dev club hopes to provide you with something you need to complete your next development project.

Of course, our content will focus on and use examples from web-based languages such as Javascript and Python. We are big fans of the React and Node.js framework. Still, We believe you shouldn’t limit yourself in this continually evolving sector of technology.

We hope you find something useful!

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